The Use of Symbols to Portray Theme in Charles Dickens Great Expectations

The five elements of a novel are characters, setting, plot, theme and point of view. For this essay assignment, your thesis must share an opinion or attitude towards one of those five elements. Your essay must be a 5 paragraph essay complete with an introduction paragraph with thesis and a conclusion paragraph. The piece should be a thoughtful response to the novel and should address a very specific aspect of whatever element on which you decide to focus.Include a works cited page for the text of the novel in our book. Topic How a series of motifs and symbols demonstrate a particular theme Thesis in mind: Expectations can ruin the hopes– more expectations, more disappointments. (People expect more, they will disappoint more) You must use the TEXT FROM BOOK as support for your ideas. you should not research this topic online, but should develop this idea from what caught your attention as you read. Thesis: In the Charles Dickens novel, Great Expectations, many symbols demonstrate that People have more great expectations, they will be disappointed greatly.