The Tenant

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Discuss the ways in which director Roman Polanski creates the atmosphere of the film and distorted perceptions of his main character, Trelkovsky, through film making elements using camera angles, movement, lighting, acting, sound, set design, props, etc.
Select one or two scenes to analyze in detail:
• Taking the garbage out after the party scene
• Catholic Church funeral scene – dialogue, images, camera, cutting, angles, sound
• Coffee shop scenes
• 2nd party at “modern” apartment
• The people visible in the bathroom
• Madam Dioz / woman with handicapped daughter; other neighbor interactions
• Smacking the crying, whining kid in the park
2. Each essay must have a thesis and support that includes evidence from each text.
• Describe the scenes you refer to briefly, then use close detail when analyzing the scene, element of film or passage from the book. Use exact quotations if you write about the book. You will need to explain why that quotation / scene is important and not expect it to speak for itself.
• If discussing film making elements, describe each one in detail and what meaning it makes for you to support your answer. Do not assume the meaning is obvious.
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