The Secret Life of Walter Mitty's Psychological Types

The paper needs to compare and analyze the character in the movie Secret Life of Walter Mitty with the work Psychological Types by Carl Gustav Jung. The character must be used as an example of a specific type Jung mentions, but what happens to him during the movie, in terms of opening up to new functions of his Psychological Types must also be analyzed. I can send a model paper the teacher has sent me. Here are her specific instruction: It would be great to do a function analysis of the movie for your final paper.
I would invite you to begin by just musing — or free-associating — about why that movie touched you personally. Do a free-write on those associations. Don’t edit yourself. Just outflow. This will provide the prima materia out of which your thesis statement can develop. But you may not be able to identify your thesis at first— not unit you see where the empirical evidence takes you.
As for the mechanics:
Get a copy of the script — usually available online from as well as on other websites — so that you can get the quotes exact.
Here are the directions I’m giving current students about movie analysis: This should be more than an assessment of one character’s typology. You should also consider dynamic interactions between characters. Look to see how they change and develop, and which functions they begin to use that they did not use before. Generally it helps to have the script to get exact quotes. You can also use video clips as quotations.
Use the charts I provided to get the function hierarchy correct for any type you are describing.
Speculate about the functions at work in the character–dominant, auxiliary, etc.
Speculate about a type code for the main character, if there is enough information for that. (There may not be.)
Use the function descriptions in Jung’s Chapter X of PT, and in Haas & Hunziker, to provide proof that you’ve identified the function correctly.
Thesis statement stating which of the 8 Jungian functions will most likely be discussed
quotations from Jung, von Franz, Sharpe, Haas & Hunziker, and Beebe (paragraph numbers for Jung, page numbers for the rest) about the functions and archetypes you will discuss.