The Role of Starbuck’s Human Resource Department in Relation to the Concept of Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic human resource management enables the alignment of HR strategy with corporate strategy thus enhancing the achievement of business objectives. This paper assesses the organisation of the HR department in Starbucks and evaluates whether the department is aligned to the business strategy. Starbucks HR department is hierarchical with the overall head leading three managers responsible for management of personnel in three regions in which the entity conducts business. The HR head reports directly to the CEO. The department plays both administrative and strategic roles. Administrative roles include staffing, preparation of employees’ compensation and ensuring adherence to labour laws. Strategic roles include succession planning, and training and development of staff.

The entity’s HR strategy is also aligned to business strategy as evident by policies that improve employee experience in an aim to achieve measured growth and sustain high quality customer service. The strategic alignment is also evident with the inclusion of the HR head in the organisations’ senior leadership team. A weakness in Starbucks HRM however lies with the lack of effective coordination among HR departments operating in various locations; this presents adjustment challenges for employees who transfer from one location to another. Accordingly, this paper recommends that the entity needs to establish a team to coordinate HR training in different regions to reduce the challenges of adjustment following personnel transfers within the organisation.