The relationship between ideas of masculinity and ‘wilderness’ (or ‘nature’) in North America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

GGR 240 Winter 2015 – Historical Geography of North America Instructor: Dr. Matthew Farish February 24 Assignment Three (30% of final mark) This assignment requires library research leading to a seven‐to‐eight page expository essay on the topic you chose for Assignment Two. Your essay must contain these elements: 1. A cover page with a title, your name, your student number, the course number, my name, and your tutorial number. 2. An introduction with a clear thesis statement. Your thesis statement should summarize your ‘answer’ to your research question from Assignment Two – or a modified version of that question, depending on your subsequent research and our feedback. (Assignment Two will be returned at the end of class on March 10.) A thesis statement is usually located in the first or second paragraph of an essay. It synthesizes your argument to the reader. You do not have to directly include your research question in your essay, as a question. It should be apparent within the text leading up to the thesis, and the thesis itself. As discussed with respect to Assignment Two, because the topics are deliberately broad, I strongly encourage you to (a) make a specific argument about your topic; (b) use a specific case study or case studies; and (c) focus on a specific time period and/or region, where relevant. You are welcome to use first‐person wording throughout the essay, even if this assignment is less of a straightforward ‘opinion’ piece than Assignment One. 3. A ‘road map’ for the paper, following the thesis statement. This road map is a very short outline of the paper; it can be a separate paragraph of your introduction. It should reflect a division of your essay into sections, marked by headings. Even two or three sections usefully break up an essay. 4. A conclusion restating your thesis (not word for word, hopefully) and summarizing your argument. A conclusion also often gestures to unanswered questions or different sources that relate to but would expand on the material in your essay. 5. A minimum of two primary sources and four secondary scholarly sources. You’ve already found these for Assignment Two, although you may wish to use more or 1 GGR240 Assignment Three (Winter 2015) different sources. Course readings do not count toward these totals, but you are welcome to use them in addition. The same is true of recent newspaper stories and magazine articles. Please avoid encyclopedias (including Wikipedia), as there are always better sources to be found. Note: It should be clear how the sources you have chosen contribute to your argument. This is particularly important with primary sources, which should be allotted some space for discussion in your essay. 6. References to your sources in an accepted scholarly style (MLA, Chicago, APA) and a complete bibliography (which does not count toward the page limit). 7. If you choose to include images, which are not mandatory but may be useful in certain circumstances (or they may be primary sources), place them in an Appendix after the textual component of the paper, before the bibliography. Be sure to refer to them in the text (as Figure 1, etc.) and provide a caption that indicates the source. 8. 12‐point font, double‐spaced text, normal margins. This is an individual assignment; please do not work on your papers together. Submitting the same work twice for credit (i.e. from another course) is an offense under the Academic Code. Plagiarism, which includes paraphrasing without full attribution, will result in a mark of zero and the potential of further penalty. Further details are available here:‐not‐to‐plagiarize.pdf. In fact, this site ( contains a host of useful writing resources, including details on writing centres around campus. This assignment is due in class on March 31. Essays will be given a letter grade, translated into standard numbers (/30), and 1.5 marks (5%) will be deducted for each day that a paper is late. Except in cases of documented medical extensions, assignments submitted after April 7 will receive a grade of zero. Tutorials devoted to Assignment Three will be held in the week of March 16. TA office hours will also be held in that week. I will notify you of office hour details in advance. Good luck!