The Power of Social Pressure – conformity and obedience pressures in teams

We find that groups and authority figures influence individual’s cognitive processes – we change or compromise our beliefs or actions in a situation, to go along with or fit in with the team.
A. Summarize what Asch discovered about conformity, applied to Case Example (a time when an individual went along with the group in order to conform an avoid embarrassment). RESPONSE:

B. Discuss the difference between normative and informational influences on conformity, OR –Identify some conformity pressures in everyday life or Case Example, and specific strategies to resist them. RESPONSE:

C. Describe Milgram’s research on obedience to authority, and respond to EITHER of the following, related to Case Example or any work or life example:
– Examples when people obeyed someone in authority even when it caused harm or hurt. RESPONSE:

– Important factors in resisting inappropriate demands of authority figure. RESPONSE: