The legalization of medical marijuana

The argumentative essay will be a 4-5 page essay in which you take a position on a controversial issue. You will begin with a fully developed introductory paragraph in which you state your thesis. Your thesis must state your position on the issue (but make sure you state your position in the third person—do not use “I”). The body should support your position through the use of logic, (logos) basic human psychology, and facts. You will also include appeals to ethos (credibility) and pathos (emotion). Be sure to use concrete examples and details to support your arguments. Since this is an argumentative essay, you will also need to both address and refute the major arguments of the opposition. In order to present as strong an argument as possible, you will also use some outside sources. You must use two to three outside sources to support your position. These sources may not be commercial web sites (.com sites). If you use web sites, the sites must be .edu, .org, or .gov. You must include an in-text citation for any information taken from an outside source. In order to integrate your sources into the paper and as good practice for the research paper, be sure to link your research to its source through the use of “tag phrases,” such as “So and so points out,” or “According to so and so.” Be sure to provide a complete citation in proper MLA format for each source on a Works Cited page. Use the appropriate chapters in Lester and Lester’s Writing Research Papers (Chapters 11 and 14) to help you with the documentation. You will go through all of the steps in the writing process, including prewriting, organizing, drafting, revising, and edition.