The Leadership Experience

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Individual Assessment Brief

Essay 3000 words

From the list below, select a national or business leader (Presidents/Prime ministers or CEO), analyse their characteristics and leadership style. Clearly identify what makes them a successful leader. For example their personality, leadership style, traits, creativity etc. And Remember to use Leadership Theory to support your opinion.

Then identify and discuss your area for development in becoming an effective leader

The allocation of words should be evenly distributed between your selected person and yourself.

Note; Your reference list is to be presented in the following manner: Section A. To a minimum of 15 academic texts: and Section B. Secondary sources used in the collection of data on your selected person. You may use credible references to analyse and discuss your chosen leader.


Tense: Third person

Style: Essay format- grammatically correct

Font: Times new roman

Size: 11 point

Spacing: 1.5 lines

Justification: Fully justified

Indentation: First line

Referencing: APA 6th. No footnotes


Cover page

  • Introduction
  • Body ( major sub headings may be included)
  • Conclusion
  • Reference