The incumbents in the joint replacement industry

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This dissertation will have to analyse from a financial perspective the JOINT REPLACEMENT INDUSTRY and the main competitors in this industry.
– First will be a brief introduction (objective of the dissertation and description of the methodology used) and a description of the industry.
– Will follow a detailed FINANCIAL analysis of the industry: [why it is interesting? Peculiarities, financial insights (numbers), laws and regulations, entry barriers, main competitors, most relevant M&A operations in the last 5 years and explanation of how those merges and acquisitions affected the market structure (economy of scale)].
The analysis has to be based on financial data, so the numbers; will have to be included (revenues, profit, expanses, investments, turnovers, etc.)
– Next chapter: each of the main competitors (list below) will be analysed based on the performance of the last 5 years (financial analysis).
– Next chapter: comparative analysis between the different companies.
-Conclusion: Summarise the findings of the research. Given the financial analysis that was performed: [looks like the biggest players in the industry are buying out all the competitors (Zimmer – Biomet for example). Are we going toward a monopoly? Who and how will prevent this?].
Suggestions for possible future research lines.