The Implication of Full Metal Jacket for Iliac Vein Stenting

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The paper needs some editing/additions.

Abstract: should contain CVI/mention lesions/discuss previously done stents to treat the iliac vein lesions.

Introduction: Should contain epidemiology of IV stenting. Discuss how normally 1 stent is the way to fix the lesions. Discuss how there are times when there are longer lesions faced so 2 stents needed to cover them.

Results: the table should be in words.

Discussion: Correcting CVIs aka management of iliac vein lesions should be 1 paragraph. The next paragraph should discuss the previous paragraph and explain the results of it. Then discuss factors such as: age relating to iliac vein stenting, degree of stenosis affects on thrombosis/stenting, explain why these factors could be contributors. Finally discuss the “theoretical” in the last paragraph by discussing the factors in the final paragraph of the current paper of the discussion section. Mention that if those things were done, how it could theoretically affect iliac vein lesions/stenting.