The hobbit book report

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  • Book must be 200+ pages for an A (or else you’ll just have to do TWO book reports just to complete the page requirement)
  • You must turn in a BOOK REVIEW of your Outside Reading Book – (the second page of this document – print out to complete)
  • Choose ONE option to do your book report



  1. Novel Soundtrack – Design a soundtrack (with at least 7-10 songs) about your book and have an actual CD burned so that I can listen to them. For EACH song you must write a detailed explanation (in about 2-3 sentences each) about the significance of the song and why you chose it to be in the soundtrack. How does the song express the aspects of the characters as you are aware of? (DO NOT plagiarize and copy a whole soundtrack that already exists, this is an automatic FAIL).


  1. Scrapbook – Think about all the kinds of mementos you would put in a scrapbook if you had one. Then create a scrap book for your character, cutting out pictures from magazines or drawing the mementos he or she would have in a scrap book.  For example, think about Abigail Williams in The Crucible by Arthur Miller. She would probably have something in her scrapbook to represent her obsession for John (probably a whole page or two dedicated to him), love letters, the little voodoo doll, and so on. There must be at least 5-7 pages in the scrapbook filled completely. If you’re a true “scrap-booker”, you’ll know how to be creative.


  1. Cartoon Squares – If you are artistic, you can choose to create a comic book. Create a series of 6 pages of drawings with 4 squares each that shows a significant event in the novel. Under (or on the back of) each picture or cartoon, write 1-2 lines of explanation, made for the whole novel you read for your Outside Reading Book.


  1. Author – Didn’t like how the book ended? Become the author of the book and write your ending to the book. How do you envision the author could have continued the book? The characters that you’ve grown so close to, how would you liked to have seen their lives lead? Get creative and write the ending to the book the way you would have liked it to end as a continuation of the book that you read. This has to be a minimum of 3 pages, written in MLA format, 12-font, double spaced.















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 Book Review – I Love This Book…?!

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