The Final Integrative Research Paper

The Final Integrative Research Paper provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to apply the concepts covered throughout the course. This assignment must be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and must be at graduate level English. Using the University Virtual Library, find articles from professional journals dated within the past 2 years. A minimum of ten (10) research articles are required to complete this assignment. Use articles from the university Virtual Library as well as online or hard copy research  on counseling cultural and diverse populations.

The course texts are not to be used for this assignment.

Prepare a 10 page comprehensive research paper in which you choose an area of research that is relevant and pertinent to culturally sensitive counseling*. Integrate a discussion of how you see your research findings as significant to your clinical work or the field of psychology in general. Illustrate an understanding by giving examples from your own life or clinical practice that supports your research.

Assignment Outcomes
Compare and contrast research and practices relevant to helping people from culturally

diverse backgrounds

Discriminate processes and issues related to clients of various ethnic & cultural origins
Formulate patterns of racial and ethnic adaptation
Consider the global expansion of racism
Demonstrate ethical behavior in regard to emerging relevant technologies applicable to