The excavation at Morgantown

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The excavation at Morgantown
1-2 single space pages, begin with a paragraph introducing yourself as a future archeologist. Include your name who you are working for, and what you hope to accomplish.

The main body of the paper should provide your analysis to the following questions. supporting what you say with specific artifacts from the evacuation.

Conclude with a paragraph summarizing your findings

1- How old is the site (provide a season and a date). Can you ascertain the household’s composition? Number of members, ages and sex?
2- What types of social activities are evidenced by the artifacts assemblage?
3- What sorts of businesses and stores do they frequent? How much disposable income does this sample suggest?
4- How would you characterize their class standing?
5- Most of the data is from food consumption: how would you characterize their diet? For instance, what range of foods do they appear to eat?; how healthy is their diet? Cheap? Trendy? What does their diet suggest about their lifestyle (are the busy, stay at home, etc)?