The emancipation of women means that the number and intensity of conflicts will diminish

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So This is the 7th Discussion. The question is : Statement for debate: The emancipation of women means that the number and intensity of conflicts will diminish, as women are natural conflict resolvers (remember to connect your response to the readings). I want you to Read the documents i upload on PDF: Chapter 8:Conflict as a Social Outcome . Introduction to conflict studies: empirical, theoretical, and ethical dimensions, 146-189. Don Mills, Ont: Oxford Univ. Press Canada, 2012 Mead, Margaret. “Warfare Is Only an Invention—Not a Biological Necessity”. War and peace in an age of terrorism: a reader, compiled by William M. Evan, 218-221. Boston: Pearson/Allyn & Bacon, 2006. Hedges, Chris. “Chapter 1: The Myth of War”. War is a force that gives us meaning, 19-43. New York: Public Affairs, 2002 Answer the question, just like other orders. Refer to the readings by showing the pages, Also Refer to the Already discussed , You don’t have to agree or disagree. Just Be Concise and show understanding of the readings… Don’t FORGET, YOU MUST MUST give empirical example , I will upload other Discussion boards that what ever other students said, i will send you their Discussions, So you can also refer to anyone else discussion. also I really recommend you to be very Concise and Show understanding to all the readings. Just Show page number to refer to the reading by saying (P.154) or (P.166). If you want to also refer to the other readings, Just simply say On the reading Warfare is only an invention (P.221). Write this as you’re discussing an issue, So there is no wrong or right. Another reading that you have to read; maybe it will be helpful to write the answer. The Diplomat-Parking-Violation Corruption Index. Don’t forget, you need to read, All the PDF’s I posted. CHAPTER 8 MUST BE READ ALL PAGES. so you know how to answer this by referring to chapter 8 pages.
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