The Effects Scientific Revolution had on Religion (Christianity)

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Required Sections and Content Details
A. Cover Page, Intro Slide, Video/Audio Introduction, Web Site Index Page
Write, record, or otherwise create a cover page. It must include a header, the title of
the project, your name, and the institution to whom you are submitting the proposal.
(See Lester p.323)
B. Introduction
Introduce your project through several brief paragraphs, or the technological
equivalent via the equivalent of several paragraphs:
1. Paragraph/Slide/Video 1: Describe your research topic and purpose, or your
reason for doing the project. Next, include a brief statement of why you chose
your project, and any special qualifications or prior experience you have that
are directly related to it.
2. Paragraph/Slide/Video 2: Briefly state how you conducted your project, the
kinds of sources you used, how you did the research.
3. Paragraph/Slide/Video 3: Preview the contents of your research, then conclude
by mentioning your main findings and conclusion.
C. Project Body
The main section of your project consists of several paragraphs/slides/video sections.
1. Narrative (900+ words, 3+ slides, or multimedia equivalent)
Describe the historical event or development of your idea. Make sure your
narrative is well organized and complete. Include
2. Analysis (600+ words, 2+ slides, or multimedia equivalent)
Analyze the topic. Why did it occur? Speak to its causes and effects.
3. Meaning & Implications (300+ words, 1-2 slides or multimedia
4. Reflection & Conclusion (150+ words, 1+ slides, or multimedia
Conclude your assignment by adding a final, personal reflection of what this
event or idea means to you.
What is significant about this event? Why did it matter? What were its
implications and broader impact on history or humanity?
For this format, you must include at least six
photographs, maps, drawings, plans, illustrations, or other graphics. Your graphics must
be included in one of two ways. First, you may choose to insert the graphics one at a time,
each directly within the appropriate section of your paper. Second, you may gather all of your
graphics into a single appendix section at the very end of the document. In either case, you
must 1) include captions next to the images that document and explain them, and 2)
provide a citation for each image that lists where you found or accessed it. Finally, your
paper must conform to the Core department’s standards for a formal research project: Use
12pt. Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, 1.5 line spacing, proper subheadings and
quote formatting, etcetera.
It would be nice if you can get it done withing 23 hours to give me an hour to look it over
MY essay proposal :
Requirement Details
B. Abstract
This essay will discuss and analyize the effects the scientific revolution had on Religion. This essay will prove that the church had to undergo changes to adapt to the events occurring at that time (scientific revolution). Using primary and secondary sources the essay will have sufficient evidence of how religion changed. I believe that at first church must have created new laws and restrictions in order to keep followers from “straying” to science. Moreover, I believe that eventually the church found more lenient laws by which they lead their faith in order to keep power.
C. Proposal Body This section begins with page 3. It is the proposal proper. It consists of several
paragraphs. The proposal must include a minimum of the following paragraphs:
a. Topic:
a. My main topic of course is the scientific revolution and the church; however, in order to get a holistic scope on the event I will also include major intellectuals of the time such as Galileo and Isaac Newton. Also, In order to asses the changes that occurred I will compare the changes on religion during scientific revolution and an event more recent, the discovery of evolution.
b. Reason and Rational
a. The main reason I chose this topic is because Ive always been interested in how and why religions decide to change. Im also more interested in the people whome brought upon these changes.
c. Qualification Statement (Optional)
a. My only experience about this topic is from class and the love of documentaries.
d. Literature Review
a. I have not yet read journals yet, I hope you understand, I don’t get access to them at University However I do own a book about this matter and will include it for now.
a.i. Brockman, John. The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution. London: Simon & Schuster, 1996. Print.
a.ii. Website1: Hatch, Robert A., Dr. "The Scientific Revolution – Dr Robert A. Hatch – Scientific Revolution Intro – Overview – Timelines – Biography – Scientific Revolution Resources – Early Modern Science – Research & Resources." The Scientific Revolution – Dr Robert A. Hatch – Scientific Revolution Intro – Overview – Timelines – Biography – Scientific Revolution Resources – Early Modern Science – Research & Resources. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Nov. 2013.
a.iii. Website2: Internet History Sourcebooks. Internet History Sourcebooks. Fordham University, 1998. Web. 05 Nov. 2013.
a.iv. Website3: "The Scientific Revolution: Historical Resources." Welcome! Ohio State University, n.d. Web. 05 Nov. 2013.
b. Methodology: In this essay I will try to use mostly primary documents using ebsco research website accessed in the university. Also I have chosen websites that will give a holistic view on what happened during that time in detail. I will use quotes and paraphrasing as a means of proving my statements. Moreover, in the final product i plan to use power point as my multi media tool.
f. Expected Findings & Implications
a. I expect that after analyzing events that occurred and laws passed during that time that I will be able to see without doubt clear changes in both the church and the faith of the common person. Also I think that I will find that because the church had so much power that the scientific revolution didn’t reach its full potential. Moreover I believe that many potential great minds were secretly killed.
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