The Effect of Divorce on Children

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I want a 4-6 pages paper. It should be processed using APA 10th edition guidelines. Use academic peer reviewed journals. This assignment should mostly focus on the effect of divorce on children.
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Divorcing couples are undoubtedly always concerned with the welfare of their children. Parents who are on the brink of divorce tend to protect their children from the underlying stress of the phenomenon. Despite all the attempts, children in such families often suffer the wrath of divorce and the situation call for more than just protection. Many scholars have availed some helpful information about the impact of divorce on children. Previous studies indicate that the effects of divorce on children depend on how old the child is at the time of divorce, sex and individuality and the extent of the situation together with external and family support. This work explores how children are impacted on by divorce of their parents. The Effects of Divorce on Children Stress Even in cases of extreme conflicts in the family, most children do not desire to see their parents go their separate ways. Divorce jeopardizes the relationship between children and their parents (Hart 189). Change in the family is perhaps one of the aspects of divorce that children dread most…..ORDER NOW
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