The Drivers and Barrier to People Productivity at Work

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Title of the proposal

The drivers and barrier to people productivity at work.


Research idea

In general, this research will explores the drivers and barriers of productivity and methods of measuring it in terms of effectiveness. In addition, it will provide and talk about previous research about this topic in term of how high or low the productivity in couple of developed countries and how to increase it. Finally, why it is important to do this research of productivity (benefit of the study).


Format of the research

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction and background /objectives
  3. Research design used: Type of research design being adopted, whether exploratory, descriptive or causal.
  1. Literature review : Mention academic and industrial literature
  2. Data collection: How data will be collected, who will collect data? Control mechanism to ensure quality of data. Primary and secondary questionnaire administration, what is the percentage of nonresponse to questioner are there. Design of questionnaire needed or not, how its pretesting and validation will be done, method of administration of questionnaire ( telephone, personal)
  3. Data Analysis: summary analysis in a form of question wise to be done: graphical summary, tabular summary (marginal table, cross tabulation), and data analysis methods to be used. Use excel. Conclusion to be done through hypothesis testing, how results will be interpreted. And Test of hypothesis/trends /scatter diagram
    1. Bibliography ( if necessary )
    2. Any statistical or technical information that need to be stated or define ( if necessary )
  1. Data collection planning information: tree diagram, Questionnaire Pretesting and validation, sampling method, sample size.
  1. Conclusion and Recommendations
  2. References :
  3. Annexure:
    1. questionnaire
    2. worksheet graphs
    3. photos