The creation of a Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) for logistics industry.


In this dissertation an example of SDSS for logistics industry was created, using two different software programmes: OptiSite (professional software for solving location-allocation problem) and more known ArcGIS 10.3 online service. Therefore, the methodology includes two steps:
1) Optimizing and reducing costs in the customer’s service area (the customer is a food supplier operating in the United States. His current network does not work very well and it’s expensive). This step is conducted in the OptiSite. The OptiSite will propose a different structure of a network and it will reduce the business operating costs.
2) Providing an exemplar routes and trucks schedule for the optimized network. This step is conducted in the ArcGIS.

Main conclusions:
By connecting two software programmes   more effective results are achieved: OptiSite was great in solving location-allocation problem and ArcGIS has done well in routing-scheduling problem. In OptiSite  the business operating costs is known,  there many options regarding the method of optimization and  changes initial point (the source) easily. All those things are NOT possible in ArcGIS (  the algorithm cannot be choose d ; ArcGIS has implemented the shortest path Dijkstra algorithm and cannot be changed), in ArcGIS we don’t have so many options regarding the engine operation and finally, in ArcGIS it is hard to change the source. However, the OptiSite also has some disadvantages, including bad visualisation (graphics and maps are similar to those from late 80.) and the fact that the OptiSite solves only location-allocation problem (whereas in ArcGIS there are many different packages, designed to solve different problems from many disciplines: flooding in hydrology, image analysing – remote sensing, maps creation – cartography, statistics data visualisation and processing – socio-demographic geography). Therefore, using two software programmes derived more efficient solution .


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