The 10-Point Plan with product red

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Explain how the 10-Point Plan suggested in Deeper Luxury (Chapter 9) can be applied to Product RED to improve the revenue stream.
Your answers/suggestions should be based on these two readings and additional information gathered from research. Be sure to provide all the details necessary to communicate your ideas. Inclusion of a properly written bibliography is mandatory.
I am looking for original thinking. You need to think like a CEO and imagine what you can do to improve the revenue stream of Product RED.
You cannot change the mission of Product RED. Product RED is meant to generate funds for AIDS/HIV relief in Africa. DO NOT suggest that Product RED should change its direction. You must stick to what RED is/does at this time. 
There are various ways to correctly document research sources. The Library website offers a tremendous amount of information. A bibliography is required but a bibliography alone is not sufficient. You must use quotation marks when appropriate, and in-text citations or correct footnoting. Any exam that shows evidence of plagiarism will receive a grade of F.
Make sure you research who the current RED participants are. Many of the original RED partners have let their contracts expire. 

*internet sources are accepted.