Assignment Requirements

Research Paper

Research Paper (25% final grade)

Students will choose a topic that addresses a controversial issue about the approval of a new indication for a drug, the removal of a drug from the market, or restricting distribution for a drug.

A significant part of the work of this project is the selection process. You will need to research medication classes that have had complications or an unusual history. Perhaps everything seemed fine before the drug was released to the general public and continuing Phase IV trials uncovered unexpected complications. You may want to choose a class that is used for more than one indication.

Grading Rubric for Research Paper (25% Final Grade)

Rather than grading by length, I prefer to grade on content and will look for use of pharmacological vocabulary that you will be reading in your text. For example: prototype, adsorption, distribution, first-pass, half-life, etc. are terms that should be used and the list will grow over the weeks. Think of this as a science based paper. The following topics should be thoroughly addressed in this paper. However, you are allowed to develop additional topics as pertains to the drug you are researching. You may wish to use the elements below as subheadings throughout the paper to help with organization and completeness.

  1. Introduction and Societal Relevance

  2. History of Drug

  3. Source: plant/animal/synthetic/ researcher or organization

4.Mechanism of Action of Drug or its prototype (must be well developed)

  1. Clinical Trials

  2. Indications for Use/Off label uses if applicable

  3. Efficacy

  4. Adverse Effects

  5. Sentinel Events if applicable

  6. Litigation

  7. Current market indications

  8. References – This paper should include at least 10 references. At least three of these should be peer reviewed journal articles. You may use web sites of professional organizations but should limit the use of nonprofessional web sites.


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