Tech Pack Project

Tech Pack Project

Project description
You are a Product Development Assistant for RJ Jeans. RJ Jeans is very similar in design and customer to Mavi Jeans (Links to an external site.).

RJ Jeans has over 10 years experience in the Jeans business and the company is ready to branch out into a new product line– tee shirts. And they hope to test a small line in A/W 16 and release a larger line for S/S 17 if the test is successful.

You have been selected to lead the first round of sampling for the Tee Shirt line and right now you are exploring your options for silhouettes.

Use the attached tech pack to fill in information to send out for your first proto sample.

Some of the information you can make up on your own (i.e. Style Number, Factory (feel free to select one of the factories pictured in the text like Gokaldas Export, Villatex, or Quantum Clothing) and Sample Due Date (aprox 10-14 days after tech pack sent out)) but you will use a tee shirt of your own to measure and create the spec sheet for your sample. I did not specifying the sample size, because you will use the size of tee shirt you own or can borrow from a friend to create the spec. Any size will be fine for this project.

For Part I, the tech pack, you can either use the image I have provided or you can also select your own image of a photo from a web catalog or sketch out a different idea. You will want a front and back image of the garment though.

Even if you change your image on the tech pack tab, you can keep the image as is on the spec sheet tab because the basic measurement points will remain the same in many cases for a basic tee (unless your design has additional features– for example, an asymmetrical hem line or collar). If you dramatically change the design, then you will also need to update the spec with notes about the additional measurements.

For the assignment, fill out all the charts and information on both the Tech Pack and Spec Sheet tabs.