Taxation Law

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It is taxation law of Australia and its has three case studies questions. In first question there are two issues. please read the question properly. The answers should be in ILAC method (I=Issue, L=Law, A=Application, C=Conclusion). Every issue in each question should be done in that way. The questions, way to write reference and sample document to answer questions will be uploaded. Reference will be under Australian Guide to Legal Citation 3rd edition. Please write relevant laws and sections of law under Australian taxation law as given in sample document to answer questions .


Sample Question

Elizabeth is a foreign resident (non-resident of Australia for tax purposes) who worked in Australia for four months during the year ended 30 June 2013 and received a salary of $20,000 for this work. She also worked in France and earned $27,000 in salary income. Elizabeth also owns a rental property in France and she received $7,000 in rental income during the year. In addition Elizabeth owns shares in Telstra Corporation Australia Ltd and she received a cash dividend of $500 from Telstra during the year. Telstra’s head office is in Sydney Australia. Based on these receipts what amount will be assessable to Elizabeth as income in Australia for the year ended 30 June 2013?

(Do not include the questions in your assignment answer – included here for information purposes).