Task 2 – Role Play + Report Background information Manage use of information or knowledge management system

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Sample Paper
In the modern world the demand for a good and effective learner management system is increasing, especially where bulky data needs to be stored and analyzed. Organizations must accept the fact that information is on the increase and intensifying more rapidly than ever due to advances in technology (Ross, 2007). The presence of all old records which all need to be stored and saved while there are new records being produced added and updated daily gives a school the reasons to establish an effective database management system. Even organizations that few years ago saw no use or importance for a learner management system are now under pressure to establish even the simplest information system that will help them handle the data they need to store (Ross, 2007). In the school setting gives more challenges since whatever transpires between the students and their course instructors need to entered and displayed to avoid conflicts. Most learner management systems target one objective which is to take the information the company has and store it successfully. Consequently, retrieving and accessing that information back should be easy and quick and without any difficulty or complications. In addition, a school needs a feature that allows the access of information from one particular central locality…….ORDER NOW…..http://unimasteressays.com/order/
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