Take the offender through the criminal court process in United Kingdom

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Case study analysis
Offender Details
Race: white background/Caucasian
Economic status: Unemployed
Gender: Female
Age: 19 years old
Religion: Atheist
Disability: None
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Crime : Possession of drug
Police in a search warrant at a house found illicit drugs in the offender
Cocaine (worth 100 to 150)
Cannabis(worth 150 to 190)
Offender admitted ownership stating that the drug was for her personal use
The offender was pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and cannabis

The offender was finned in 110 for cocaine possession and 75 for cannabis possession

The offender was also ordered to pay 85 of Court cost

Using this case take the offender through the criminal court process from point of arrest through to conviction and sentence. Identify the key agencies this person will come into contact with and what their legislative powers are. Ensure you consider the main functions and responsibilities of those key agencies within the criminal justice system and their relationship to one another.

This assignment should consider equality and diversity issues throughout.

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