Systematic Review

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


I need a systematic review on this topic ( Uptake rate of recommended vaccines and the factors /Reasons affecting the uptake/Refusal of recommended vaccines among Hajj Pilgrims to Mecca)
It should be a PhD level please put all your effort on that .

Please us all the database available , English Language and no years limitation .

Please check this paper by A.S.ALqahtani, H.Rashid  and A.E.Heywood 
(Vaccination against respiratory tract infections at Hajj )

other paper by Heidi J.Larson , Caitlin Jarrett, Elisabeth Eckersberger 
(Understanding vaccines hesitancy around vaccines and vaccination from a global perspective : A systematic review of published literature 2007-2012)

*I need my systematic review to follow the same style of these paper please .
*I need a flow diagram of systematic review searching stratgey similar to the one in A.S.ALqahtani  paper .
*Start directly with the methods without introduction .
*I need a table for the terms used in the literature review .
I need a table similar to the one in A.S.ALqahtani paper for (Summary of studies reporting ) 
*Please search for quantitate studies ,Qualitative studies and mixed studies with a table summaries each type of study (quantitate studies ,Qualitative studies and mixed studies) if there is no qualitative and mixed method then mention that .

Please the systematic review is limited to Pilgrims to the Hajj only. Pilgrims from every country no specific country and no specific year but .
*use numbers for the References please ( I have asked for 25 references but definitely it depends how many result you will find and how many will be included in the summary table just like Allgahtani paper )
*Exclude papers about meningitis vaccines because it is mandatory not recommended and my systematic review should be for the recommended vaccines only. 
use the terms in ALQAHTANI and Heidi papers , but Alqahtani paper is much useful because it talks about Hajj and vaccines , He used good terms like Mecca Makkah ….etc 
But please use other terms needed and all the possible terms .