Syntactic theory

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on  no more than ten, typewritten, double-spaced, stapled pages, write an essay addressing Topic A or B below (not both)

Organize your essay logically and provide examples sentences, trees, and definitions, where appropriate, to illustrate your response. Also be sure to cite any literature on your topic that you make use of.

Finally, make certain that you use the Linguistic Inquiry style sheet provided in your course packet on pp. 117-129 as will be graded not only on content and creativity, but also on organization, style, and conciseness.


Please staple this page with your name to the front of your essay. Circle the topic selected.


A. Develop a feature-based minimalist account of the cross-linguistic variation in basic word order discussed in our lecture on GB Theory. (see pages 20-51 and pages 74-79 of course packet for the data) Indicate in your essay whether there are arguments in favour of your feature-based account, as opposed to ( an-up-dated version of) the old GB approach, formulated in terms of X-bar Theory Spec and Head parameters.

B. Develop a Minimalist analysis of Topicalized sentences like This car, you should buy! Be sure to consider as full a range of data as possible. Try to advance arguments in favour of your approach, as opposed to others that you may envisage. You have the option, but not the obligation, to read up on this construction in J-Marc Authier’s (1992) article in Linguistic Inquiry. ( His analysis is formulated in GB terms)