Syntactic theory

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In order to write this essay, you MUST have a thorough understanding on Chomskyan generative grammar framework especially the minimalist program (MP). if you haven”t learned about this subject matter, you will NOT be able to write this essay. The essay should be about 6-10 pages long excluding the cover and the reference page.

The file with suffix “. png” is the official essay instructions given by the professor. You can choose either A or B. Since B is a lot easier, I will highly recommend that you choose B over A.

If you decide to select B, please read the following:
1. Ignore the document “Lectures on government binding theory. pdf”
2. You need to develop TREES for topicalized sentences and argue how they are analyzed in the MP model WITH RESPECT TO OUR LECTURE MATERIALS. Please take a careful look at the document “minimalist lecture notes. pdf” and see how the neutral and interrogative sentences are analyzed with trees and narratives and follow the exact same pattern in the essay. You will see in the lecture pdf that how different sentences (interrogative, neutral, etc) are illustrated by the MP syntactic model with both TREES as well as narrative explanations, and that is exactly what the essay should look like. You need to do the same thing with topicalized sentences (e.g., “This car, you should buy!”). That is, analyze them with the MP model. For example, you need to tell how you check off strong features and weak semantic features before moving to PF and LF, what does the final tree with traces look like, etc.
3. The instruction also stated that “a full range of data” must be considered: that means you need to find more topicalized sentences to support your claim in order to establish a valid and convincing argument.
4. The instruction mentioned the J. Marc Authier article in journal of linguistic inquiry. You could google it online and that paper should shed some light on this essay for your reference.
5. Despite that you may use external resources to support your argument, the most valuable resources/references for this essay that you must use are our lecture notes and the J. Marc Authier article that were mentioned in the official instructions.
6. In a nutshell, you should first take a look at the MP lecture that I provided and make very sure that you have a THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING on everything. Secondly, please follow the exact same pattern as what”s been done in the textbook. You need to find a few topicalized sentence and analyzed them in the MP syntactic model using TREES (please see the document labeled “linguistic stylesheet. pdf” for reference in terms of organizing the paper and drawing the trees) and summarized HOW and WHY topicalized sentences are grammatical (or ungrammatical) in the MP model.

If you decide to select A, please read the following:
1. Similarly, make reference to the lecture materials and make sure you follow the same instructions as if you are doing B.
2. Use as much examples (data and different sentences) as possible.
3. Please check the “Lectures on government binding theory. pdf” for references (relevant page numbers are stated in the instructions)

*for the file “linguistic stylesheet. pdf” please refer to the following link:

*for the J. Marc Arthier article, please refer to this one: