SWOT Analysis

Create a SWOT analysis based off the attached company information

Strategic Plan

For a business to attain its set goals and objectives, a well-defined strategic plan is paramount. That is because the plan will guide the various operations that are carried out in the organization. Typically, a strategic plan assists the management of a given company or business enterprise to make various decisions regarding resource allocation. For an organization to achieve optimum profits, it should have the relevant resources that are appropriately placed in the organizations. Moreover, a strategic plan defines the various strategies that are set by the organization and gives direction to various activities in the firm. Besides a strategic plan controls and guides the various mechanisms that are used the implementation of the proposed strategies in the company (Rushmer, 2002). In order to attain its goals and objectives, a company should, therefore, come up with a well-defined strategic plan that will enhance the operations of the overall operations of the firm. Britsam is a company that is involved in the production of various types of drugs that are used in various health centers for treatment of varied ailments. Moreover, the company runs various health care centers across the globe that is used to provide health services to the people across the globe. The company aims to provide equal and quality services top its customers across the globe. This essay gives an outline and analysis of Britsam Company. The overview focuses on both the internal as well as external business activities that the company is engaged.

Britsam is a company that has been in existence for more than ten years and throughout the period, the company has improved the quality of the drugs that are produced as well as the services provided in their nursing and health institutions. That has been achieved through the extensive research that the company is conducting to find out more about various ailments and their cure. Moreover, the company has been hiring well trained, qualified and competent doctors and nurses who ensure the provision of excellent services. The company produces their drugs from the herbal and naturally available products that ensure that the drugs that are produced do not have adverse after use effects to the users. Moreover, the company uses experts who are well acquainted with the field, hence produces drugs that are effective in treating various ailments. The company has different branches that are spread in various nations across the globe where the company uses the natural materials available in those nations to produce their drugs. The produced drugs are used in the different health centers that are established in the nation while others are exported. Besides, the company provides training to the natives in these nations

There are various challenges that the company encounters in their day to day operation. These include; inadequacy of the raw materials that are used in the production of the drugs. There are cases where the company has been involved in over-exploitation of the vegetation and other resources that result in their exhaustion. That poses a challenge for the company as it production activities is hampered. Moreover, the company faces a challenge in some countries that have laws that govern the exploitation of the natural resources. The laws protect their natural forests from exploitation in the effort to prevent the adverse effects such as desertification (Burton & Ludwig, 2014). Additionally, lack of well-trained personnel who will be involved in the exploitation as well as in the various medical centers is the other challenge facing the company. Britsam Company was chosen for the research since it is one of the most vibrant companies across the globe and, therefore, need a well-researched and formulated strategic plan so as to overcome some of their challenges.


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