SWOT analysis

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Conduct a brief SWOT analysis for the Tsongas Industrial History Center (TIHC). Specifically, please name three most significant, pertinent strengths (name 3Ss), weaknesses (name 3Ws), opportunities (name 3Os), and threats (name 3Ts) that the organization must consider in making its strategic marketing decisions. On that basis, please identify top 3 “composite” strategic options where multiple SWOT components are combined so as to maximize the impact of the involved resource investments. Examples of composite strategies include SO, SW, and SOT strategies. As an illustration, an SO strategy would allow the company to use a major strength (e.g., Virgin Mobile’s experience in serving the youth market in the UK) to capitalize a key opportunity (e.g., under-served youth market in the U.S.). After identifying your strategies, specifically mention the key SWOT components involved in each of your strategies.