Sustainability Strategy for HP

Order Instructions/Description

At least 10 references besides the ones that I’m uploading (books, academic research, scholarly articles, business journals)

1. Research the company
2. Assess the extent to which the company is addressing issues of global citizenship
3. Think creatively about  how the company could be more responsive
4. Design a long-term strategy,  identify those issues that can be tackled immediately and which one’s need to be implemented gradually. Identify different phases for implementation and create a roadmap.

The company I chose is HP. Below is the outline I discuss with my professor:

-Executive Summary (1 page)-
1. Recent history of HP problems (high CEO turnover, loss of the HP way: poor corporate culture), separation into two companies. Explain why HP will benefit from the use of a sustainability strategy (use the PEOPLE + PLANET + PROFIT framework)
2. Current sustainability strategy
3. Gaps between what they say they are doing and what they are actually doing (I have interviewed an HP employee, and I can send you the information I gathered from that interview so you can icnlude it in the report)
4. Goals and Recommendations to close the gap: Start with general objectives (goals) for 2025. I want the recommendations to revolve around their HR strategy (recruitment and selection, training & development, retainment of employees), governance policies, their internal structure, innovation ownership (intellectual property), and incentives for innovation among employees. (Compulsory resource for this part:–> i want the center argument to be about how HR is responsible for innovation, as they are responsible for employees.
5. Implementation roadmap
6. Conclusion tying the report together. Include some examples of companies that are leading in the business world by including global citizenship approaches in their strategy.