Sustainability of funding for public hospital services

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Question: Sustainability of funding for public hospital services [2200 words (Academic Report Format)].
In August 2011 the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to major structural reforms to the funding accountabilities for health care in Australia. The National Health Reform Agreement places joint responsibility to the commonwealth state and territory governments for funding services through Activity Based and Block funding. What was the justification for this change? Provide an argument (either for or against) the sustainability of this funding model for the future of Australia health service delivery.
Points to be noted:
Justification needs more than one source of evidence.
Both sides of argument should be un biased.
Make sure sustainability has an economic focus.
Critical analysis with current literatures, finding threads of information.

You will be assessed on the following:
Report Format use and length – use of an executive summary (ES) Contents Page (CP) matching section headings in text, with page numbering.
Keeping to the word limit of 2200 words- extra words will not be marked. This excludes the Executive summary, Contents Page and References. Words in tables count towards your word count.
Academic writing skills, construction of paragraphs – written in a formal academic style, edited for spelling, grammar and language fluency, proper citation and referencing.
Contents relevant to the subject and topic adequately covered.
Ability to support argument with evidence. For example, say “this resulted in an increase in spending by 10% over the 2007-2010 period”, NOT ‘this resulted in an increase in spending”.
Evidence of critical analysis of sources and content, eg strengths, weaknesses identified, recommendations made for improvements, etc.

(Academic Report Format)

CONTENTS                                    PAGE NO
TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                             1
ABBREVIATION                                    2
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                3
INTRODUCTION    (350 words)                        4
i.      Definition of the Issue
ii.     Rationale
iii.      Epidemiology of Injury
iv.       Cost
IMPORTANCE                                5
3.     ECONOMIC REASON                                6
4.     CRITICISM AND LIMITATION                        7
5.         ECONOMIC COMPARISION                            8
6. RECOMMENDATION                                9
7. CONCLUSION                                    10
8. REFERENCES    (APA format minimum 25 References)            11
Appendix                                        12


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