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Research Project-Annotated Bibliography

The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to keep track of your research articles and identify their connection to your thesis statement. Make a list of the articles you have researched. You can refer to the website on annotated bibliographies for a reminder of the key terms:

As a group, follow the guidelines below to create an annotated bibliography. This assignment should provide an overview of the articles you have found as a group are planning on incorporating into your group size; there should be one reference per group member in addition to the article that we provided you in week two.


The annotated bibliography should clearly identify key information about your resources, and for each article you will provide:

  1. APA reference

  2. 3-5 keywords and their symptoms

  3. A summary of the article

  4. A reflection of the article

Follow the outline below, and type your work using New Romans 12pt font. Enumerate each resource, and double space your summary and reflection.

A reference of your article following AP citation guidelines (in the same format that you would find the reference in your bibliography)

  • 3-5 keywords from the article, followed by 2 symptoms each
  • A one paragraph summary of your article – NO PLAGIARISM- which should paraphrase the thesis statement and identify the main ideas, topics, and arguments. Give a broad overview of what articles is about. Refer back to LAWS chapter 7, and leap R/W chapter 7 (p.147) & Model 8 (p.181) for some guidelines on how to write a summary.
  • A 2-3 sentence reflection in which you identify how the articles relates to your thesis. You should identify the aspects of your article which relate to the thesis statement. You can include relevant arguments or counter arguments. What has the article taught you abut the topic? Which aspects will you incorporate in your essay?

Research Project – Annotated Bibliography

You will receive a group mark; therefore each member is responsible for peer-editing all sections for content, grammar, vocabulary, citation errors, and adherence to the guidelines above.