survey on banking crisis and bank competition

This is for creating a questionnaire/survey for bank officials to answer, to try and see what their opinions and suggestions are about competition in the banking industry and its effects on banking crisis, the survey should follow a well-organized and precise structure. Do research on the top styles and structures of surveys and construct it. I will email the survey to bank officials.
• At least 60 question
• Do research on the top survey structures and styles and improvise on which to choose, or use a few of them thus becoming a hybrid structure
• Do research on what questions should be asked in this specific subjects
• Look for questions that would have great significance.
• Look for questions that would fill any gaps suggested by scholars in the banking competition banking crisis phenomena.
• Make the survey interesting in way to get the respondents attention and compliance.
• Get the respondents to feel an interaction with the survey when answering it.
• 7 Questions about the Lerner index read about it on this subject
• 7 Questions about the concentration ratios iam using read about it on this subject
• This is just to make the survey respondents have an idea on what the survey is about and what the concerns im raising like an introduction or an executive report at the begining. My dissertation is on financial stability I will explain exactly what its about. Iam defining financial stability on the probability of a banking crisis occurring, and iam using 3 variables and they are the Lerner Index and the 2 Concentration Ratios( and they are CR1 and CR3)
These methods include the Lerner index and 2 Concentration Ratios (CR1 and CR3). CR1 and CR3 will be calculated as follows:
CR1 = the market share of the largest bank =

CR3 = the market share of the 3 largest banks combined =

An important method will be the survey method. This will involve interviewing various representatives especially those working in banks in order to get a first-hand opinion of how bank competition actually affects financial stability. In instances where I will not be in a position to present the questionnaires on a face-to-face basis, I will have to email them to the respondents. In order to make the surveys more valid, I will have to structure the questions properly and precisely. This will mainly involve asking open-ended questions, as these types of questions have a greater likelihood of generating comprehensive answers to the questions. The survey method can present numerous advantages during the research process. For example, it is a relatively cost efficient technique and can also help in getting statistical data for further analysis.