Surveillance Capitalism

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American Capitalism is increasingly starting to look like a police/surveillance state that is run for profit and the benefit of those with wealth. Teachers are being turned into prison guards; students are monioring and reporting on teachers, smart phones and other devices are reporting our vital personal information (sometimes without our knowledge and other times because we willingly give it up). Does this concern you on any level?


Do you think it is possible to have a system of social organization like capitalism without the negative aspects asserting themselves in such a dominant way (i.e. exploitation, aggressive policing, total surveillance)?


How might draw from both Goffman and Foucault’s theoretical frameworks to explain these contemporary developments?


Will surveillance capitalism become the dominant logic of capital accumulation in our time, or will it be succeeded by yet another mode of capitalist accumulation?


What is the solution? What might you as an individual begin to do different now with regard to limiting the exposure of your personal data?