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ECS III Writing Prompt, Issued April 30, 2015

Select a business ethics issue that interests you. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

-Likability vs. competence: The problem of favoritism in hiring

-College sports players: Should they get paid?

-The CEO of Gravity Payments announced that he is raising the lowest wage at his company to $70,000 per year. In an era of wage stagnation, what are the ethical implications of such a move?

-The NFL concussion scandal: What are their ethical obligations?

-Ethical issues with the for-profit prison industry

-The legalization of marijuana

  • The Glass Ceiling: Pay equity for women in the workforce

-The issue of sexism in video game design ( a recent news item)

Write a persuasive essay in which you take a position on your chosen issue and argue for it. Account for the counterarguments to your thesis in your essay, and cite at least two scholarly resource sources in your essay.

Essays should be titled “ECS III: <Title>” and submitted in MLA format with a Works Cited page.

The successful essay will be at least 1,000 words.