Supporting good practice in performance and reward management

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Activity A – 2000 Words

In pairs or small groups, research and discuss answers to the following. Then provide written individual responses, in your own words, to each question.

  1. Explain at least 2 purposes of performance management and its relationship to business objectives.
  2. Identify 3 components of performance management systems.
  3. Explain the relationship between motivation and performance management, referring to at least 2 motivational theories.(summary of Maslow’s Hierarchy of need and Herzberg’s motivation –hygiene)
  4. Identify 2 purposes of reward within a performance management system.
  5. Describe at least 3 components of a total reward system, 1 of which should be non financial.
  6. Explain the factors that should be considered when managing good and poor performance with example in real.
  7. Describe at least 2 items of data, including 1 external to the organisation.
  8. Explain the frequency, purpose and process of performance review with example


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