Supply chain

Companies doing business internationally deal with complex sourcing and supply chain issues. Unfortunately, many MNCs have failed to include CSR practices in their global operations. Due to a number of international human rights disasters resulting from lack of supply chain auditing, corporations are rapidly becoming more transparent and are adopting globally accepted codes of conduct.


Read the Foxconn in the textbook. In a well-written paper, respond to the following questions:

1  Explain why you do or do not think a firm is responsible for its supply chain. If your answer is that a firm is not responsible, discuss an organization that exemplifies this. If your answer is that a firm is responsible, how far down the supply chain does this extend—to immediate suppliers, the suppliers’ suppliers, or beyond? Support your opinions with scholarly research.

2  Determine why Apple continues to source its production from overseas firms such as Foxconn? In your answer, consider what advantages and/or disadvantages this generates for the firm. Evaluate and assess what Apple could have done to avoid the threats you named. Overall, explain how or whether the benefits of Apple’s decision outweigh the costs. Support your opinions with scholarly research.


  • Your paper should be 5 to 6 pages in length, not counting the required title and reference pages.
  • Include at least two scholarly sources that are not required or recommended readings for this course.
  • Format your entire paper, including all in-text citations and references, according APA requirements.