Supply Chain and Logistics Economics

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Assignment Brief You are a newly hired logistics analysis working for a well-known third party logistics provider Winstoforce PLC. They have a fleet of 300 vehicles of varying types and four strategically placed warehouse sites around the UK in Bristol, Manchester, Leeds and Reading. They specialise in providing various value added logistics services to the building trade and DIY stores. You have been tasked to investigate the macro & micro economics of their current marketplace and develop a number of costing and pricing tools that will enable an improved level of profitability from existing logistics infrastructure assets. Prepare a report of less than 4,000 words, excluding appendices and bibliography to answer the following questions: (i) Appraise two key economic concepts of supply and demand and apply them to the logistics marketplace of Winstoforce PLC. 20% of marks (learning outcome 1) (ii) Evaluate a key investment appraisal tool and demonstrate how it could be used to justify the acquisition of a new warehouse in Birmingham. 20% of marks (learning outcome 2) (iii) Critically appraise the key approaches to costing vehicles, labour and allocating overheads. Explain with an example how they can be used to price logistics services such as delivering goods to clients. 30% of marks (learning outcome 3) (iv) Hypothesize how forecasting techniques such as averages, standard deviation and linear regression analysis can be used to represent data graphically. Discuss how these tools can be used to formulate forecasts of the performance of Winstoforce PLC. 20% of marks (learning outcome 4&5) 10% will be allocated to the structure, referencing, clarity and cited justification of ideas in the report. Do not forget to include a word count. Assignment deadline:- Monday 15 August 2016

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Coursework Guidance Learning Outcomes Assessed 1. Appraise the economics of supply and demand applied to logistics and supply chains 2. Evaluate key cost structures, revenue generation and investment appraisal methods 3. Critically appraise the key approaches to costing and pricing 4. Formulate forecasts and models of basic logistics activities using simple statistical and mathematical tools 5. Apply appropriate techniques to judge financial performance of a logistics or supply chain business Report Format • The written report should have a clear structure, which is evident through the use of a numbering system and/or styles of headings. These indicate a hierarchy of different levels of importance or significance.

  • It will be necessary to organise ideas and plan this structure in advance of writing the detailed content.
  • Ensure your comments, opinions and conclusions are fully supported by academic citations and references
  • This approach is different to an ‘essay’ style, which relies on the use of paragraphs and link sentences to indicate changes of topic.