Summary of a Marketing Analysis done for Port Jeff Bowl

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[MKT 481] Final Presentation Guideline & Evaluation Form The 15-minute final presentation should focus on Research Problems, Results of Exploratory and Quantitative Research, and Conclusion and Recommendations. The final presentation will be evaluated based on presentation skills and the PPT slides. A presentation should be done by each member of the group and each member will get an individual score based on his/her presentation skills. Basically, each member of the group will get the same points for the PPT slides as the other group member. However, the instructor can adjust the points based on individual participation level. Accordingly, the presentation grade will be available after you complete the confidential peer/self evaluation on Moodle, which is due on Monday, December 15 by 9:00 PM. Very Weak Needs Improvement Fair Good Excellent Time Management – Finish the presentation in 13-17 minutes – Allocate your time effectively for the required sections – Allocate the time equally for each member – Have PPT slides and other audiovisuals ready for the presentation ——-1——- ——-2——- ——-3——- ——-4——- ——5—— PPT – Use the text on the slides as a prompt for the original narration – Use large enough fonts to be read from a distance – Use good contrast between the font colors and background colors – Make no mechanical or grammatical errors ——-2——- ——-4——- ——-6——- ——-8——- ——10—— Voice – Project your voice to be heard clearly by the audience – Use varied tones to emphasize important points ——-2——- ——-4——- ——-6——- ——-8——- ——10—— Eye-Contact – Keep well-balanced eye contact with the audience – Do not read from your notes/power point slides – Do not keep eye contact only with the instructor ——-2——- ——-4——- ——-6——- ——-8——- ——10—— Attitude – Present with enthusiasm – Present with assurance and confidence – Be poised – Maintain a straight posture ——-2——- ——-4——- ——-6——- ——-8——- ——10—— Total: 45 Points