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Article Summary Grading Standards Specified


Grade                   Criteria                                                                                                                                        

90-100                 Paper meets and exceeds all standards.  It is free from grammatical errors.  Has a well written and structured purpose statement which in two or three sentences fully informs the reader about the article’s contribution to management information.  The paper uses the appropriate format.  The summary section     enumerates the major points raised in the article and develops them in such a way that it is clear that the writer understands them.    The conclusion offers an opinion, backed with evidence, by the writer regarding the validity and usefulness of the article. The writer uses particularly engaging or persuasive prose style.  The argument is thorough, complete, and uses accurate           information while being well developed and organized.


Your supervisor would be pleased to distribute your document to others potentially interested in reading the article.


80 – 89                  Is a very good paper that meets the standards for the assignment and engages the reader.                                                The paper may contain some minor flaws, small departures from the standards that can be fixed or                               overcome without much trouble.  All sections are well-written and display a solid                                                 understanding of the article.


Although the document would certainly represent the company well, your supervisor sees some areas in which you need improvement.


70 – 79                  The paper is adequate in meeting standards, but may contain several flaws.  For example, the purpose stated in the paper misses the point of the article or the Summary misses a key topic. This may be a paper that does not contain important information the supervisor needs to know or it may fail to address one or two major questions about the article.  The paper may contain errors in logic or evidences poor word choice; it may contain grammatical errors or be insufficiently developed.


The document could not be sent to your organization’s audiences, clients, or users without                                revision.  Your supervisor has some doubts about your communication ability and                                                        motivation and will need to work closely with you to develop your communication skills.


60 – 69                 This submission forces the reader to do too much work to understand or read the paper because of serious grammatical problems or incomplete information.  It fails to meet an important requirement of the assignment. It may contain numerous grammatical and typographical errors.


Your company would not send out this document; in fact, your supervisor would probably reassign the task to another employee and seriously consider your future with the firm.



Based on a document originally developed by Professor Terry Skelton of Bentley University



25 100
24 96
23 92
22 88
21 84
20 80
19 76
18 72
17 68
16 64
15 60
14 56
13 52
12 48
11 44
10 40




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Your purpose statement fully/adequately/poorly/inadequately informs the reader about what the main ideas in the article.

Summary of Key Findings






Common Writing Problems

  • Make your first statement in the purpose a strong, positive statement.
  • Grammatical issues
  • WC Word choice. Ask if this is the word you really want to use for this kind of writing.
  • L Be careful with lists.
  • In the summary, faithfully and accurately report on the core ideas and their implications. Leave conjecture for your conclusion.
  • Keep the conclusion short.
  • AL Make accurate, logical statements.
  • Don’t link together unrelated concepts or ideas.
  • Two pages, 1 ½ line spacing is a max and 1 page, 1 ½ line spacing is a min.
  • UW Omit useless words.
  • “it was a dark and stormy night” = ”In today’s complex business environment” syndrome.
  • Don’t use examples from article. Write about the ideas.
  • AV Use active voice (use informative verbs, not the verb ‘to be’.
  • PT Use present tense
  • Make positive, not negative statements whenever possible.