Substance Abuse – Juveniles In Prison

What would be the unique issues or concerns you would face in designing a screening program for this specific setting?
• With the people in this setting, how do you think motivational interviewing might work? Given this organization, what would be the job titles or professions of the people who would be likely to carry out the motivational interviews? In what particular situations might motivational interviewing be likely to occur?
• What screening instruments would be useful for the population being served? How would you arrange to have the screening carried out as part of the day-to-day operations in the setting?
• If you were to carry out assessments with this particular population, what would be the kinds of information that would be most useful to have? Given what you would want to know about this person, would the Addiction Severity Index be helpful or might you need to find an instrument that would be more relevant for this setting?
• What kinds of referral agencies would you need on your list in order to make sure that the referrals would be relevant for the population in this particular setting? What issues might make referrals complicated for this population?