Student Teacher Placement Scenario

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



On the final day of your placement, the Principal calls you in for an informal post-placement (Student Teacher) discussion. Throughout this discussion, you are asked the following questions:
1. What were some the key experiences throughout your placement that you feel significantly shaped your practice?
2. Were there any situations that you found particularly challenging? How did you respond/deal with these?
3. Have you achieved your goals you had set for this placement? What are the key areas that your feel you have grown most in, throughout this placement?
4. What are your main goals for your next ‘Ready to Teach’ placement? How do you plan to work towards these?


Ensure that your responses relate back to the questions/scenario and specifically to the context of teaching.
Ø You need to discuss the knowledge you’ve gained throughout the unit in your Podcast and make links back to the literature. For example, if your goal was to build a positive relationship with your mentor, provide examples of what you did, but also link that back to the theory that you explored throughout the weekly readings.
Ø Support your discussion with specific examples/references to your placement.
Ø Reflect on your strengths, weaknesses and future goals.
Ø Teachers need to be reflective. It’s really important to always have a goal in mind, or an area to improve on. Teaching is always changing and progressing, which means that we always need to be changing and evolving.