Stress, Wellness, and Coping

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This writing assignment will be a reflection paper based primarily on the integration of the class discussion, readings, and your journaling as attached. The main points to be covered in the paper include the following:
1) What stressors have you been facing at this time.
2) How would you identify the source of these stressors (consider the 5 Life aspects Page8 link:
3) How are your thoughts connected to these stressors.
4) What have you attempted or what could you attempt to decrease the effect of these stressors.
The paper should be at least 3 pages, double spaced, 1 inch margin format, 12 font. Please do use the MLA (Modern Language Association) writing standards for noting citations and references used.

** The sources information as link: and “ NIU EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM “ as attached in the last page of journaling exercise