Stress Management

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Assignment Chapter 2 Stress Management

Due Date –Thursday  February 19th


Read pages 112 – 146 in Text. Focusing on the following topics:

Managing Stress, efficient and effective time management Small wins strategy, & Type “A” personality.


In 2-4 pages, using the concepts, ideas and strategies from the text answer the following questions:

Read The Case of Missing Time on Page 150

  • Discuss the most relevant principle/s of effective time management (page 121-123) violated by Chet.
  • Discuss the three most relevant rules of efficient time management for managers page 127-128) violated by Chet in this case?
  • Based on the facts presented in this case do you think that there are organizational (structural) problems at Norris Company contributing to Chet’s level of stress?
  • Based on the personality type information in this chapter and in chapter, briefly discuss any observations about Chet’s personality characteristics that may play a role in Chet’s productivity and his level of stress.
  • Based on the case and your assessment of Chet’s personality, if you were his manager how would you advise Chet?

What specific strategies/tools, and concepts from the chapter

would you suggest to him to increase his effectiveness and

lower his stress?

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