Strategic IS Planning, Engineering and Management

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PART B:  Open Ended Investigation (50 Points): You can choose, individually or as a “loosely” coupled team, an area of investigation from your areas of interest.  You can either build a prototype  (a game, simulation, decision support tool) that gives some insights into an applied project or develop a research presentation on a selected topic (a team may do mixture).  You have two major choices:
Build a simple prototype

Build a Simple Prototype or Business Gamification:  This should be related to your CPT assignment  and may become your capstone applied project:
·         It may be implementation of the Planning Tool you developed in Part A or something completely different or
·         Simple implementation of an advisor (expert system) by using an expert system shell (e.g., Exsys Corvid). You should be able to find a free expert system shell or use demo version of shells such as Exsys Corvid.

·         A business gamification by using powerpoint or HTML5 as a gamification platform. You can choose any topic within the scope of this course. This 5-6 slide gamification should serve as an interesting tutorial on a topic that maybe otherwise boring. Please use voice, animations and control flow features of the platform as much as possible.