Still Alice (Alzheimer)

Order Instructions/Description
After reading Still Alice by Lisa Genova.
Answer the following questions:

Name three symptoms of Alzheimer’s Alice displayed prior to her diagnosis.
Alice had Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Describe in 100-300 words what negative affects and general problems (biological, sociological, psychological, or economical) an older person would experience if they had Alice’s symptoms, bearing in mind normal aging changes that would already be in place.
Research what medications are currently available for Alzheimer’s. Based on your findings, what are two medications or specific treatments that you think would likely be prescribed to Alice in light of her type of Alzheimer’s Disease?
Think about how the effects of Alzheimer’s may affect systems other than the Nervous System. Describe in 50-200 words what specific dysfunctions of other systems presented in this class may occur as a direct result of Alzheimer’s.