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please write a 3 page type, double-spaced paper analyzing character development as shown through movement sequences in the film. your paper should discuss a minimum of three detailed scenes as examples which illustrate character and/or plot development. PLEASE DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE FILM–I HAVE SEEN IT! YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO IF YOU PROVIDE ME WITH A SUMMARY WITHOUT ANALYSIS. I would like you to instead discuss the role of dance in the film–how are the dance sequences used to develop the plot and/or individual characters and relationships? what makes the dances significant or important in the film?
in above i typed what my professor asked us to do! please please do exactly what she asked! write about the movements, explain if its modern hip hop, ballet or more… and also explain what includes in the dances for example: kicks, turns, rolling,jumps or more…and please watch the whole movie! do not go read about the movie anywhere and type! just watch the movie and write! this is my final paper i want to get a good grade on it! please write it really simple do not use any hard words!
I want this paper be 0% of plagiarism!!!
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