Statistics Project Paper

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This project must be done individually, not in a group. This project will be submitted as a formal paper and
must contain an introduction, a body, conclusions and APA formatted citations. Material that is used from the
text must be cited. The body should describe the data, the tests you ran on that data, and your results. There
also needs to be a conclusion that summarizes your results as well as a statement of what you learned by
completing this project. Do not put the raw data in the body of the paper, but do put your raw data into an
appendix for your paper. (You may copy and paste the data from Excel into the Word document. Do not
include extraneous cells.) Graphs and charts should appear in the body of the paper and be accompanied by
an explanation of what the graph or chart shows. You must also submit this assignment to prior
to turning it in to your instructor in order to receive credit.

Action Items
1. View the attached document Requirements of Statistical Report that discusses the requirements for a
statistical paper.
2. Use the data sets that are given here as Excel spreadsheets: Male-HealthData (Excel) and Female-
HealthData (Excel). These data sets are taken from the web page of the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention
3. These data sets have 13 variables each. Check the course page for “Assignment of Variable” to see if
your instructor has assigned one of the thirteen variables to you. If not, email your instructor to assign
one of the 13 variables to you. You will need to use both the male and female data for this one
variable. The raw data will go in Appendix A of your paper. Include the data for YOUR VARIABLE
4. Analyze the data set. For this part, if you are male use the male variable; if you are female, use the
female variable. Complete the following:
a. Determine the center of the data using the mean, mode, and median.
b. Determine measures of variation (range, standard deviation and variance).
c. Determine the quartiles.
d. Determine the IQR (Inner Quartile Range) and any outliers in  the data.
e. Create the modified boxplot of the data showing any outliers.  (You may need to draw this, using MS
Word tools.) Make sure that your boxplot has a proper scale.
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f. Using Excel, group the data into 6 to 10 groups and create a histogram for the data. (Excel uses bins
to group the data. See the attached worksheet for instructions on how to create histograms using
Excel (attachment).
g. Based on the information in the steps above determine if this sample came from a normal population
5. Draw inferences from the data. For this part you will need to use both male and female data for your
variable. Complete the following:
a. Use the sample data to construct a 95% confidence interval for the mean of all males.
b. Use the sample data to construct a 95% confidence interval for the mean of all females.
c. Use the sample data to construct a 95% confidence interval for the difference of means of all males
and all females. Explain if there is a difference between the two means.
d. Conduct a hypothesis test with 0.05 significance to test if the mean of all males is different than the
mean of all females. Show all steps of hypothesis testing in your report including interpretation of the
e. Discuss if the results of the hypothesis test are different from the results of the confidence interval for
the difference of two means.
6. Write a formal paper incorporating and explaining the results in the steps above. The paper must follow
the APA guidelines and contain the following information:
a. Include an introduction, body, and conclusions.
b. Describe and give the measures of the center and explain which measure best fits this data set.
c. Describe and give the measures of variation.
d. Include the boxplot (done by using MS Word) and explain what this box plot tells you about the
distribution of the data.
e. Show outliers on the box plot, with an explanation of how outliers are determined. Give the quartiles
and IQR in this explanation.
f. Include the histogram of the data and a description of the shape of the distribution.
g. Include the three confidence intervals with their correct interpretation.
h. Include all the steps of hypothesis test with correct interpretation.
i. Include a discussion of comparison of the results of hypothesis test and of the confidence interval for
the difference of two means.
7. Put your data (both sets) in Appendix A. Remember to document your sources.
8. At the end of the paper in Appendix B include an explanation of what you have learned (about
statistics) by completing this project.