Order Instructions/Description

1.     Draw a multistage cluster sampling of high schools in the United States. Have the first stage be the choosing of 5 U.S. states randomly, have the second stage be 3 counties within the 5 states chosen, and have the third stage be 2 high schools within the counties chosen. Be sure to include your sampling frames and show your screen shots of the research randomizer. [15]

2.     The regression model below examines factors that impact the DV home sale price among recently sold homes in a suburban community. The IV is total rooms within the home, and the EVs include 1) total bedrooms, 2) total bathrooms, 3) whether the home has a basement or not, and 4) the total number of days the home was on the market prior to its sale. Please answer the following regarding the regression output below:

A) Identify the variables that are statistically significant predictors (at the .05 percent           level) of a home’s sale price. [3]

B) Of the variables you identified in Part A, what statistics did you examine to            determine each variable’s statistical significance? Explain the thresholds used to   determine statistical significance. [3]

C) Explain what the coefficient for the EV “Total Bathrooms” means. [3]

D) Explain what the coefficient for the EV “Days on Market” means. [3]

E) What does the model’s R-square of .33 mean? [3]