Standards for Professional Learning

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Standards for Professional Learning

This week you had the opportunity to learn about the Learning Forward (formerly NSDC) Standards for Professional Learning and explore one of the standards in more depth by visiting the Learning Forward website and viewing a video about the Content, Process, or Context standards.

You also learned about innovation configuration (IC) maps that are used to identify the most important components of an innovation (or standard) and describe varying levels of implementation from ideal to non-use. Because IC maps describe different degrees of standards implementation for various roles within the system, they “give precision and meaning to what the standards look like in practice” (Roy & Hord, 2004, 57). You will engage in a similar activity for this Discussion.

For the Learning Forward Standard you explored this week, consider the following:

Why did you choose to focus on this standard?

What are the major components of the standard?

What would you expect to see in a school where the standard is being implemented with fidelity?

What would you expect to see in a school where the standard was implemented poorly or not at all?
Where is your school on the continuum for this particular standard?

How can you use this standard to influence how you think about professional development and how it is planned and implemented in your school?
By Wednesday:

Post information about the standard that you explored this week, addressing each of the prompts above. Be sure to support your post with your observations with concepts and ideas from this week’s Learning Resources.